About Us

Meet the Makers:

Clark Morelia was started by Jocelyn and Rob to create high quality handmade leather wallets and bags. All products are created by hand, one at a time, in our studio in Pittsburgh PA.

Jocelyn comes from a background in tech and Rob from sculpture and teaching. When they aren't working on leather goods they are renovating an old church into a future live/work space for themselves and their dog and three cats.

Our Mission:

We use craft as a way for us to create products that tell a story about the way we interact with the world. Our products are made from leather that is classified as second runs, meaning they contain scars, bug bites, or other aesthetic imperfections that larger fashion manufacturers see as undesirable. The character that these marks impart on the leather don't effect its strength or durability so the products that you receive are built to last. 

We use full grain leather, solid brass hardware, and high quality waxed or bonded thread to make all of our products. The choice to use quality materials ensures that the products we make will age beautifully and last for years to come. Learn More about our materials and process in the benefits of handmade.

Jocelyn + Rob


owners of clark morelia handmade leather goods